Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)


Winter Share

$25/week for 16 weeks

The Winter CSA Share is a weekly share of fresh winter veggies along with storage crops. Depending on our supply, we may supplement shares with certified organic, local produce from our regional growers co-op.

Available for pickup at these locations:

  • Bel Air (Saturdays)

  • On Farm (Fri - Sun)

Thanksgiving Share


A one-time share of the fall bounty to supply your holiday feast. Plenty of fresh greens and salad fixings along with hearty fall root crops.

Available for pickup at these locations Tues. Nov 26:

  • Baron's K9

  • Rousedale Farm

  • Wine World

  • Coffee Coffee

  • Plum Creek Market

  • On Farm (Tues and Wed)

Tom Paduano - Adam Jacono Sample Small Share.jpg

Small Vegetable Share

For a smaller household of 1-2 people or those that don’t cook at home every day.

Tom Paduano - Adam Jacono Sample Medium Share.jpg

Medium Vegetable Share

Our standard share. For a household of 2 - 4 people that cook at home regularly.

Tom Paduano - Adam Jacono Sample Large Share.jpg

Large Vegetable Share

For larger households of 5+ or  those that are avid cooks and/or will freeze, can, preserve extras.

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. CSAs are designed to provide a close connection between a farm, the farmers, and a community of members. The farm and farmers feed the members by providing a weekly share of produce. The members financially support the farm and become an integral part of small scale, local agriculture.

The CSA harvest season is 26 weeks from the end of May until the week prior to Thanksgiving. When you join, you’ll set your vegetable preferences and each week through the season, a customized share will be generated for you depending on those tastes and the farm’s harvest. Every week, you will get a preview of your share and have a chance to swap items in and out of your share from the harvest list…all before you pickup!

Each week your farmers aim to harvest 8 - 15 crops with at least one being: a fresh salad green (head lettuce, arugula, etc), a cooking green (kale, chard, etc), a root crop (beets, carrots, etc), an allium (onions, leeks, etc), and usually a few fruiting crops (tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, squash, etc).


why join a csa?

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