Week 2 Share - Strawberries are In!


What a bounty we have this week! I may need a bigger background material for these top-down images, this is getting out of hand. We made a quick salad with a mix of all the greens. I'd recommend a ginger-dressing to go with the peeled kohlrabi and cilantro.  

Not sure about you, but half of my strawberries were eaten on the way back from the patch. Pretty excited for the other varieties to come in soon as well. Also, what a great community of people in the field! I witnessed a bunch of folks quietly picking berries; kids, adults, bugs, dirt... was a great vibe! Of course, the peas were excellent as well and I managed to shove a few wayward shoots back into their holding place.  ~Adam


UPDATE: Sunday night I whipped up a plant-based treat. Pickled turnips, garlic scape, bok choy, cilantro in malt vinegar with a spicy black bean mush atop frizzled chard 👌