Farming Principles

While growing great organic vegetables is the heart and soul of our farm it would not be possible without our animals. Our organic pastured laying hens and organic meat chickens provide fertility for growing great grasses and clovers. These grasses and clovers go to feed our cattle and draft horses. While our draft horses do a large majority of our vegetable field work they also provide manure for composting, as do our cattle. This compost is turned and aerated by our pigs and then spread on our cover crops. Our cover crops grow for an entire season and then are tilled in, creating the perfect fertility for our vegetables.


We also pass along our knowledge through our apprenticeships in order to populate our community with more sustainable farms and farmers. Our diversity is our strength and allows us to work towards a truly sustainable farm that produces local food for our region while caring for our land, vegetables, animals and community.

These things we hold dear:

  • Soil is alive and we should promote that life with the use of compost, cover crops, and timely tillage.

  • Soil is alive and we should protect it by not using harmful, synthetic chemicals to kill weeds, to kill pests, or to fertilize.

  • Soil is the foundation of our farm, having a healthy soil will produce healthy vegetables, grass and hay. These in turn produce healthy farmers, horses and livestock.

In an effort to reduce off-farm inputs and to reduce waste we have made a commitment to not use plastic mulch on our vegetable crops.