Pasture Raised Chicken

Chicken that is raised on pasture and given access to fresh grasses, clovers and insect has a superior flavor than any other chicken you can buy. While on pasture, our chickens are supplemented with certified organic feed.


Young chicks arrive in the mail when they are a day old. Their first few weeks are spent in a cozy brooder to protected from extremes of the weather and kept dry until they begin to grow their true feathers.


Once the chicks are 3 to 4 weeks old, they move from the brooder to the field shelters. Here they have access to sunshine, pasture grass, and insects. They are also fed certified organic grain. The shelters are 1 -2 times a day and protect the chickens from predators and weather.  


The chickens are butchered at 6 to 8 weeks at a USDA facility. They are beautifully cut and packaged before returning to the farm. The chickens are available frozen most of the year.

Growing season

Meat chickens are raised only during the growing season. The first chicks arrive in early spring and the final butchering is usually in November. Chicken is available during the winter months as long as our supply lasts.